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IBM SPSS Statistics

The University of Texas at Austin has a Consortium Agreement with IBM Inc. for IBM SPSS Statistics. This agreement is renewed annually and includes the following University of Texas System Schools: The University of Texas Dallas, The University of Texas Tyler, The University of Texas Health Science Center Houston, The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, and The University of Texas Southwest Medical Center Dallas. The agreement only covers the listed Universities.

The University of Texas at Austin (LICENSEE) and __________________________ (ASSOCIATE), who is associated with LICENSEE in the ____________________________ department at The University of Texas ____________________________ , agree as follows:

Subject to the provisions contained herein, ASSOCIATE may use the IBM SPSS Statistics copyrighted computer software products which LICENSEE has provided in accordance with its agreement with IBM Inc.

ASSOCIATE acknowledges that these products are copyrighted and that IBM Inc. retains all title and ownership rights to the products. ASSOCIATE agrees not to copy or permit others to copy the products, in whole or part.

ASSOCIATE agrees to use the products under this agreement only on a computer which is 1) owned or leased by LICENSEE or 2) owned by ASSOCIATE. ASSOCIATE further agrees that the products must remain under ASSOCIATE’s control, and that resale or other transfer is explicitly prohibited.

ASSOCIATE agrees to use the products only for ASSOCIATES’s or LICENSEE’s own data processing requirements, and only for teaching and non-commercial academic research. Non-commercial academic research as defined by IBM Inc. means research by degree seeking students and faculty members where the results of such research are not intended primarily for the benefit of a third party; such results are made available to anyone without restriction on use, copying or further distribution; and any copy of any such result is furnished for no more than the cost of hosting, reproduction, and shipping. Should your usage not fall into the parameters as listed, please contact ITS Software Distribution and Sales.

ASSOCIATE agrees not to create, or attempt to create, or permit or help others to create, the source code from the products furnished under this Agreement. ASSOCIATE agrees that it will not reverse engineer or decompile the products. Should ASSOCIATE remove the computer(s) on which the products are used under this agreement from the location specified below, ASSOCIATE agrees to notify LICENSEE promptly of the new location.

Should ASSOCIATE no longer be associated with LICENSEE, or if advised by LICENSEE that the site license with SPSS Inc. has been terminated, ASSOCIATE agrees to return to LICENSEE or destroy at once any and all copies in ASSOCIATE’s possession, and to forward written notice to LICENSEE that all programs and materials containing the products have been destroyed or deleted from all computer libraries and storage and memory devices, and are no longer in use or usable by LICENSEE.

By purchasing the software license and paying the annual fee you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of use as set by IBM Inc. If you are the purchaser of the software and not the end-user, by agreeing to the terms and completing the purchase you are agreeing to furnish the end-user with a copy of the End User License Agreement and ensuring the end-users undersetand the guidnelines of the program.

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